HM Nails Owner

HM Nails Owner – A bit about me… My name is Jayne Delcarme, a Hairdresser, Makeup Artist with over 15 years of experience. However, in 2015 I chose to study to be a Nail technician. Why you say, I became concerned about my own nails and how I could look after them. I’m all about care for my clients whether it be hair, face, and now especially nails. I don’t want to be taking any risks of clients nails and health.

I learned a lot while working alongside HM Nails staff, and was given the opportunity of a lifetime, just over a year ago in February 2019. By the one and only Lisa Hinchcliff, who founded HM Nails. Who is an amazing podiatrist you can find more information here Greenlane Podiatry 

At HM Nails I learned, how to combine the latest sterilizing practices from the medical profession with the top products from the beauty industry to create an environment where you can have beautiful nails without the risk of getting infections, or passing them on to others.

 Beauty without compromise